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Why Company Picnics are Trending & How to Host a Successful One

A good ole fashioned picnic has always been a great way to host a corporate event but after the year 2020… it’s now the trend. After a global social and economic crisis, all people and businesses can agree that safety and health are most important — throw in the fact that corporate picnics are the most affordable way to appreciate employees, and it’s an easy yes. 

Why are company picnics the trending event for corporate celebrations? 

There are a few obvious reasons why picnics are so highly suggested for corporate celebrations, and now, there are even more reasons based on the eventful times we are currently living in. 


Aside from the fact that picnics are laid back and family-friendly, they also can be pretty kind on the budget.  You don’t have to throw a gala to make your employees feel appreciated, but it is important that you continue putting in the effort to make them feel recognized. 


Another reason company picnics are doing so well is due to safety standards. Many people are still uncomfortable participating in large gatherings but having a picnic in an open venue outdoors can allow your employees to relax and not worry about socially distancing. 


At the end of the day, a company picnic is a lowkey, practical way to host a celebration. It’s covid-friendly, and it still drives employees to connect and feel appreciated which is the ultimate goal.

Company Picnics

How to Host a Successful Corporate Picnic 

Here are a few ways to ensure your corporate picnic is a successful one. 


Go with an open, outdoor venue but make it a private event: To ensure everyone feels safe during the event, it’s best to go with a venue that is open and of course, predominantly outdoors. Your company can rent out a stadium, park shelter, sports field, etc. If your budget is tight, consider bringing the picnic to you! If you have a lawn or large parking space that can accommodate everyone, that may be a more feasible option. Either way, your event should be private to prevent strangers from outside your organization from gathering near or around you. This is another way to ensure to your guests that it is a covid-safe environment.  Steer clear of those public venues that families can visit on any average weekend.  Especially if you are sharing the venue on your picnic date with the general public, it does not feel special.


Allow your employees to bring their families: It’s been proven that employees who can connect and bring their families around their workplace are more likely to have a company-driven attitude. When families are invited to attend, this can also help the overall attendance of the event because some families don’t have the luxury of hiring a babysitter or having someone else help for events outside of their normal routine. 


Make it memorable + an experience that they can’t get just anywhere: Any family can go on a picnic, but not every family gets to go to a carnival, for instance. It’s important that you give your picnic a theme that not only sounds attractive to your employees, but also to their families!


Here are just a few successful theme ideas: 

  • Western & Cowboy
  • Fiesta 
  • Safari & Jungle
  • Hawaiian Luau 
  • Disco / Old School 
  • Pirate 
  • Beach & Pool 
  • Olympic “Games”
  • Circus & Carnival 
  • Sports 
  • All American 


Give ample time for your employees to plan for the event: Don’t just send out a generic email announcing the event — there’s no fun in that and therefore, no one will think the event will be fun. Be sure to send invitations in an attractive way, digitally and maybe even printable. Regardless, make sure your workspace is talking about the event and there are attractive flyers throughout your workplace to remind people of the event. 


Get everyone involved: One way to ensure people show up is by giving them some responsibility on how the event goes — nothing that they don’t WANT to do, but something fun like building banners or putting together party favors! What’s really important to understand is that EVERYONE in your company needs to get involved, including upper management. Empowering employees to get involved is one thing, but seeing someone in management help out sets a great example for the type of company culture you’re trying to create. Let the CEO help serve the food or announce prize winners — your employees will appreciate it more than you know. 


Reward people for coming: Whether it’s party favors or prize opportunities throughout the whole event, everyone appreciates a little reward. It’s great to incorporate “games” during the event to relax the crowd, get people who don’t typically mingle chatting, and overall keep people engaged. 

Let the Fun Begin! 

Now, you have all the tips to throw a very successful company picnic. If you see the value in throwing an epic picnic party and want some additional help, check out our rental items and services. Partner with us and we’ll help you plan the perfect event for your workforce!