Why Choose Fun Prodcutions

We own the largest selection of clean, well-maintained event equipment in Colorado and have nearly 30 years of experience in event management and planning.

The Fun Pro event promise

You will not be left wondering if the company you hired to bring your games & activities is reliable. Fun Productions has been renting games for the best events in Colorado with 600+ events per year since 1991.

We exceed state & ASTM standards for safety. We properly maintain, anchor, & inspect all of our games rigorously before and after every rental. We are proud of our record of no serious injuries or insurance claims in our entire history. Our safety attendants are included on inflatables. Be sure to ask other game operators about their safety standards.

Our insurance meets and sometimes exceeds state requirements. Our carrier is A+ rated and not offshore. We can also provide you with additional insured certificates at no cost, potentially saving you hundreds on your own insurance policies.

Our systems prevent overbooking so you won’t get a call saying you are getting a substitute for what you ordered.

Our games are not mildewed and smelly, torn or ripped, or full of dirt and sand. We clean them after every use. 

Our staff cares about their job and are hired employees. We do background checks, personality assessment testing, a rigorous three-interview process, training procedure & have a stringent uniform policy.

We are a family-owned and operated company and we love what we do. Providing FUN for parties is not something we do as a hobby or side business out of our garage. We are a full-time staff dedicated to professionalism.

Our staff is knowledgeable, polite and extremely helpful. We are always willing to answer questions, give suggestions, refer other vendors, and more. On the event site, we will do the entire setup, leaving you to concentrate on all your other event details. Our setup crew is super polite and helpful.

So, are you ready to party?

No matter which level of fun you pick, you can’t go wrong. Well, only if you pick none, but we know you’re not going to do that. Pick your package and get ready to party because once you commit to partnering with Fun Productions, having fun is the ONLY thing we’ll be taking seriously. Let’s get to it!