When Fun Meets Fundraising: How to Plan an Event That’s Both Entertaining and Effective

The idea of fundraising may bring back memories of you or a young one going door to door selling coupon books or wrapping paper. While a successful strategy, you likely don’t have the time to go knocking on people’s doors.

To help solve that problem, we are here today with some fundraising event ideas that are fun for both you and the community. What’s more, we can plan them for you so you can reap the benefits without giving up so much of your limited and precious bandwidth.

7 Ways to Add FUN to Fundraising for Your Company

Theme it Up

Whether it’s a “Superhero Soiree” for children’s charities or a “Retro Rewind” party for historical preservation, a themed event adds an element of excitement. Encourage attendees to dress up so you can create a cohesive atmosphere, promote your cause, and boost the overall fun factor!

Interactive Experiences

Interactive experiences that engage and inform attendees are great ways to make everyone feel like active participants in your cause. Set up stations where attendees can try their hand at fun games, take part in challenges, or even attend mini-workshops related to your cause. This is a great way to educate participants about the mission behind the event while still having some fun.

Silent Auction with a Twist

Enhance the traditional silent auction by introducing something unique. Offer experiential packages such as exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, VIP meet-and-greets, or once-in-a-lifetime experiences – it will get those bids rolling in! You can use mobile bidding platforms to streamline the process and make it more accessible and easier for everyone. Galabid.com and givesmart.com are two excellent online auction platforms.

Live Entertainment

Bring the WOW factor to your event with live entertainment that draws in a crowd. There are tons of options to choose from – local performers, bands, celebrity guests, live music, comedy shows, or interactive performances are just a few! Be sure to choose something that aligns with your cause so you can promote it along with the entertainment.

Fundraising Challenges

Introduce friendly fundraising challenges that encourage healthy competition and incentivize attendees to contribute more. Whether it’s a “Dance-Off for Donations,” a “Minute-to-Win-It Challenge,”  or one of our favorites, have VIPs within your organization take turns being the target on a Dunk Tank, guests pay $5-$100 to take a chance at dunking them. These interactive activities not only raise money but also create a sense of camaraderie among participants.  Offer to reward top fundraisers with special recognition or exclusive perks to motivate others to step up their efforts!

Creative Food and Beverage Stations

Elevate the culinary experience at your event by incorporating creative food and beverage stations. Partner with local restaurants or food trucks and offer themed cocktails and mocktails, interactive food stations, or even cooking demonstrations. These unique experiences will leave a lasting impression on attendees, promote your cause, and support local businesses all at the same time!

Get Sponsors for activity stations

Most fundraisers have sponsorships in which donors’ logos appear on a screen or signage at the event.  Your sponsors will love the idea of sponsoring an actual activity station with signage at the station for greater visibility.  Imagine a photo booth sponsor who will get their logo and website on every photo that goes home with the guests to post at their desks or on their fridges.  That is a much bigger bang for their sponsorship dollars so brings in more to your organization.


Curious about what this could look like? Take a look at a couple of events we’ve helped with this year.

Whiz Kids Tutoring Rodeo

This is an end-of-the-school-year celebration for at-risk kids and their volunteer tutors. They enjoy horses, a petting zoo, inflatables, games, face painting, and more. We are proud to say that we have been involved in this event for 25 years!

National Jewish Hospital’s Hoops & Hoopla

An amazing fundraising event that we look forward to each year, it’s organized around the NCAA finals. Guests enjoy sports-related activities and arcade games along with a silent auction. Proceeds go to Morgridge Academy, a school for children with chronic illnesses.

If you’re in need of more fundraising ideas but aren’t sure where to start, reach out to us today at Fun Productions and we’ll help you kick things off!