What ‘Full Service Rentals’ Really Means

When you hear full service your first thought is probably a planner or venue. Most full service providers will not only handle their specific piece of an event, coordinate timelines, logistics, layouts, etc. but will also most likely bring in vendors to focus on the physical elements such as custom lighting, specialty rentals, decor, (and our favorite) the games.

However, not many companies offer a full service rental. You hear of a full service caterer or full service venue, well it is the same concept. You don’t necessarily want to have the food just sitting there, you’d like the service that goes along with the food you’ve ordered for your event.

Our full service promise means that we can include any of the staff needed to operate everything from concessions and carnival games to photo booths and interactive games. We always provide attendants for ALL of our inflatables options, as those are the most ‘risky’ options we provide. By having trained staff onsite to enforce the necessary rules and engage the guests you are sure to have a fun and safe event.

When you work with a full service company you get transparency. No hidden fees, no asking “does this come with the materials to make the equipment work properly?” no wondering if a casino table includes cards and chips or is it an actual table or just a topper. Of course there are always going to be variables that cannot be determined until all of the details are decided. For example, delivery and the tax rate are determined by the location of the event.

The biggest misconception with full service is that the games will be dropped off a truck, maybe set up (for an extra charge), and then left until the event is over. That is not the case at all. Obviously no two events are identical, but one thing that we do for every delivery is bring the items and set them up for one flat rate, then either explain to you how to work them or stay and work them ourselves. Once the event ends, we will make sure that the party is over, break down the equipment, pack it up and bring it back to our warehouse.

If you only take one thing away from this blog please know this, staff are not free. When we quote for staff we have taken into consideration all of the details and parameters that the client has provided. If those variables change, the price could change. Think about it this way, if you schedule a conference call but the organizer decides to change it to an in person meeting you can’t just leave when the call was supposed to start. Now you have to take into consideration drive time when planning your day, this could potentially change your entire schedule especially if you had other appointments. The point is that changing the setup and/or tear down time of the event could change the cost of staff.

We go above and beyond to create and execute amazing events because we are dedicated to our full service promise.