Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring!!  It is so exciting to see leaves budding and flowers popping their cute little faces out.  But… Do we even have time to enjoy it?

Turns out April & May have become the second most stressful time of the year, just a smidge less than December.  Many of us in the event business can relate.  In December we try to pack every possible Holiday party into three weeks, during the time when we have to also shop, bake, cook meals, wrap gifts, and show our families the beauty that is the holiday season. ARGH!  Then let’s look at May… Why does this month feel so stressful?  Well it’s the home stretch for the academic year, final exams, all the field trips, awards ceremonies, school plays, final projects, and can be a big fat reminder of life changing and getting older.  Graduations are a major stress producing event.  Plus those moments when you realize your little one is now a first grader or going into middle school or high school are times of stress and reflection.  So throw on top of that you have to plan some celebratory events for your family while making sure your kiddos finish the year strong, you show up to all the extra school functions, chaperone the field trip, plus make sure the summer picnic is planned at work.  Yikes!!Here are 10 tips for managing your stress this month;

  1. Slow down & breath
  2. Get enough sleep – just go to bed earlier please.
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Go outside and soak up some sun – your body is craving vitamin D this time of year.
  5. Dance Break!!
  6. Laugh – visit YouTube and play a laugh track or listen to babies laughing.
  7. Talk about your feelings – I know it’s not natural but feels so much better
  8. Stop for one minute and put some summer fun on your calendar for June when all this is settled down – just looking forward to that day will help you get through today.
  9. Mindfulness
  10. Be Grateful!!

We are here to help…  Please let us know what event burdens we can take off your plate!!