Tips for Planning a Fall Carnival

Tips for Planning a Fall Carnival

Planning a carnival at the beginning of an already hectic school year can be a daunting task. But, it can also be the perfect way to kick off the semester, get students and families involved, and maybe even raise some money for school events later in the year. We are here to help you plan a successful fall carnival for your community to enjoy.

Here are some helpful tips to get your fall carnival planning started.


Where should you start?

It’s important to pick a date and time that is free from other community events so you have the biggest turn out possible. Also, you’ll need to pick a location. This could be the school, a community center, or a public park. Consider what activities will be there so you pick a space with plenty of room.


Who do you need to contact?

Always remember to contact your city for the necessary permits for the event. Then, you’ll need to get the word out to volunteers to work, whether they are your staff or parents. Don’t forget to find local food vendors, equipment vendors, and local stores to supply prizes for games.


What vendors should you contact?

A great way to involve the community to help out is to invite local businesses for food stands or trucks, supply prizes for the games, or volunteer. Along with them, you’ll need games. Some you may already have at your school and others you can rent. Since a fall carnival is a way to celebrate the season, you could also contact local businesses for pumpkins or apples for activities.


How to get the word out

One of the fastest, and cheapest, ways to market the carnival is on social media. Share in community groups and create an event page with all the information. It can also help you estimate the turnout to make sure you’re ready for the crowd.


Fall themes and activities for your carnival

Some fitting themes for your event could be pumpkins, apples, hayrides or haunted houses. Caramel apple making, a pumpkin carving competition, or a haunted hayride can be fun and engaging for all ages. Other fun activities can be a photo booth, silent disco and temporary tattoos. Create activities and games for all ages so the entire family can enjoy!


We hope you can plan an exciting and successful fall semester with a carnival. Partner with us to aid you in putting on a carnival that no one will forget!