The Future of Corporate Events: Trends to Watch

The Future of Corporate Events: Trends to Watch in 2024 and Beyond

What’s a corporate event? Simple. It’s any workplace gathering meant to give coworkers a space to bond, engage, or celebrate. These events can consist of sports games, award ceremonies, networking, team-building activities, retreats, and more. 

While these are tried-and-true reasons for these events that have lasted generations, we can’t help but wonder: Will the format of corporate events ever change? 

As we approach the second half of 2024, new trends are beginning to emerge that may completely transform the future of corporate events—for the better. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Although some feel technology is making far too big an impact on our world, there’s no denying its countless positive attributes that can benefit corporate events. For example, when in the planning stages, event organizers can use augmented reality (AR) to visualize specific venue layouts, allowing for a visual preview of what the event may look like before making any final decisions.

After using AR to plan the event, attendees can try out a variety of products using virtual reality and engage in an immersive experience. Suppose your team works remotely across the world. In that case, global attendees can still participate in your event using VR technology, which allows in-person and remote attendees to interact with one another. 

Here at Fun Productions, we’re tuning into our technological side by offering an AI Photo Booth with infinite combinations of fun effects and styles and GIF Photo Booths, 360 Photo Booths,& Light Painting, or Virtual Graffiti Walls 

Sustainability Is No Longer a Buzzword  

Corporate events have been central to the business world for years, but sustainability has not always received an invite. However, more corporate events have recently grown far more sustainable to meet the eco-friendly needs of their clients and employees. Event planners are thoughtfully making decisions that reduce the negative environmental impact of their gathering, whether that means offering shared public transportation, utilizing digital invitations, or putting an emphasis on recycling and composting. The options for hosting a green corporate event are limitless!

Personalization and Data-Driven Insights

Receiving accurate insight and responses from past corporate events is crucial to planning successful events in the future. Typical purposes of these events include fostering client relationships and promoting brand awareness, and creating engaging experiences is imperative to accomplishing these goals. Using measurements and following analytics like social media engagements, survey responses, and attendance are all effective ways to do so.

Personalization in corporate events is another way to boost engagement within your company. At Fun Productions, we strive to connect individuals by working hard, playing hard, and creating fun memories. Stepping away from the office, letting loose, and having fun as a team allows for connections to be strengthened and communities to be built.

Health and Safety Prioritization

It may seem obvious, but it cannot be overstated that health and safety prioritization is crucial in planning corporate events. These gatherings are for the benefit of the client or team member, and neglecting their health and or safety would be shameful. When preparing for a corporate event, it’s important to consider:

  1. Fire hazards
  2. Equipment hazards
  3. Weather hazards
  4. Child protection
  5. Monitoring entrances/exits
  6. Crowd sizes
  7. Hiring security
  8. Creating an emergency plan

Emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with respect. It’s vital to ensure that all attendees feel valued during corporate events. There are many ways to promote a diverse and inclusive environment. For example, if your event requires speakers, choose speakers who can share their experiences and insights on diversity and inclusion (and make sure there are options for people who are hearing or visually impaired). Another simple tip: create name tags with attendees’ preferred names and pronouns.

Choosing a location that’s disability accessible is also very important. Ensure the venue has wheelchair-accessible entrances and parking spaces and is service animal friendly. One final simple tip for promoting a positive environment is to use inclusive images, graphics, and examples in presentations. 

The Rise of Micro-Events

In big, extravagant corporate events, it’s easy to feel lost in a sea of people. Often, attendees are scared to engage in these events because of the large crowds of unknown people. To counteract this feeling, micro-events are on the rise. These events are smaller and in much more intimate settings to promote participation with attendees and allow for one-on-one interactions.

Health-Conscious, Highly Curated Food and Beverage Options

It’s essential to be inclusive of event guests’ food preferences. A high percentage of the world identifies as vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, and gluten-free for both personal and health-related reasons and are often not served food that meets their criteria. Not to mention, many individuals do not drink alcohol, which is often served at corporate events. It’s essential to pick dining options that please everyone so all attendees are happy and fed. It can be helpful to survey cuisine options attendees may want, are allergic to, or choose to avoid to ensure everyone feels valued.

Improve Your Events

Things are changing in 2024, and your corporate events should, too. Following the tips, tricks, and criteria above when planning a corporate event will help ensure an enjoyable time for all attendees. Contact us today to plan an engaging corporate event with the fun pros!