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The Forgotten Industry

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on our society, economy, and each individual. Small businesses have been hit especially hard. Now we are starting to open back up and that has been cause for hope and light in these dark times. As we wait to hear announcements and as they are made, one thing is clear: the events industry is being forgotten. We are being left behind in the dust during this crisis. 

In the initial days we were deemed non- essential, and it is true we are not critical for life to function. However, as we look to the future we are vital to rebuilding the pieces that we want back as society tries to restore some of the natural order. While we are in a world that there are matters of life and death that take greater importance, the strife of others can’t be completely ignored. The special events industry may not be essential, but we are vital in bringing joy and organizing life’s events from the weddings to funerals to your special moments and yes fundraisers and events in support of nonprofits and causes that matter now more than ever. If we want to live in a world where we are able to gather together in good times and in bad, we NEED special events. 

So how can you help? Here are six ways to support the events industry:

  1. Talk about it. If you are talking about the future and especially in an official capacity, factor in how the events world is incorporated. Talk to your officials. While the events companies are going to them directly and through organizations that are advocating for us, it can’t just be us who are having the conversation. 
  2. Talk to us. Ask us how we are doing and what we have going on. Most of us are pivoting (that magic word) in one way or another right now to try to create revenue. We need not only revenue, but positive conversation that is not related to rescheduling and cancellations. You may not need or be able to afford our services right now, but you may hear about something we are doing and know someone that might. Help our companies get the traction we need for  current services. 
  3. Follow us! Right now many companies are providing discounts, valuable tips and content, and other benefits to their followers. It is great value to the customers to see what we are doing, but also it shows support publicly and is another way for us to be heard through the crisis.
  4. Support small. Whether it is a floral arrangement, dinner, cake, music, or game etc. for just a birthday or special occasion you can do something right now on a smaller scale to support these companies. We know finances are hard for individuals right now, but there are often small ways you can support and contribute and we want to help you celebrate those moments that matter.
  5. Plan ahead. This one is huge. If you had to reschedule your event or are looking to schedule for something next year then start now. You might normally wait to put a deposit down for your company picnic or your wedding for your vendors closer to the event, but if you had the funds set aside for this year your vendors need it now. Support them now so they can be there for you later. Not to mention availability as everyone reschedules and any pre-planning you do now will mean less time and less waiting later when everyone is busy.
  6. Be understanding. We want to help. We also due to budget constraints are all doing multiple peoples jobs and doing 3x the work as before even though there are no events. It is easy to assume no events means people have more time and aren’t doing anything, when in reality they are working hard to do multiple jobs and are doing their best to balance it all. 

Our customers matter most to us and we are heartbroken that it is difficult to celebrate. It may be a while before we can go back to the way things were before, but we hope it will be soon. We know the uncertainty is hard, but now more than ever we want to work with you so we can continue to support you in years to come.