Client Appreciation Events

The Complete Guide to Client Appreciation Events & How They Benefit Your Company

It’s the beginning of the new year – the perfect time to step back and recognize that your business has made it this far thanks in large part to your clients.

You can spend countless hours planning and working on your business and pour all the resources imaginable into your company, but without clients, all that work will eventually come to a standstill. Clients are a big factor in what drives businesses forward and help your business dreams and aspirations come true.

So what do we suggest you do to show your gratitude? Throw a Client Appreciation Event! 

These events are the perfect way to show your clients that you truly are grateful for what they offer your business. It’s an opportunity to give back and to make them feel personally recognized and appreciated.

We’re here to give you guidelines for planning and executing your Client Appreciation Event!

How Do I Plan An Appreciation Event That Makes An Impression?

So now you might be thinking, how do I plan a successful Client Appreciation Event – one that will foster loyal clients and make them think, wow, you really are the best in the business!

Our number one tip: Hire some help! The best parties are well-planned and pulled together by a professional.

What Are Some Visions For Appreciation Events?

Now it’s time to decide what you’ll actually do for your party.

Here are a couple of our favorite ideas:

  • Client Reception: Have an after-hours reception for your clients to come and enjoy tasty food and drinks after a long day at work.
  • Appreciation Dinners: Have your clients bring their families and host a big, delicious dinner for all of them. Throw in a few games and activities and you’re set!
  • Wellness Events: Host a cooking class, yoga class, or group hike for your clients and their families.
  • Movie Night: Whether you show a movie at the office or give out tickets to the movie theater, this one is sure to be a hit.

Client Appreciation Events are not for selling and promoting your business! These events should feel like a treat, not a sales party. Focus 100% on valuing your clients and they will naturally come back to your business.

Make sure you are clear on the purpose and how you want guests to feel after the event.  Envision what they will be saying about the time they had the next day.  When you start with the end goal in mind, the decisions about what you choose for food, decor, venue, giveaways, etc. will be easy to make through that filter.

How Do You Ensure the Appreciation Event Is Successful?

Before the day of the Client Appreciation Event, make sure you have all your details in order. Is everything for the venue set to go? Have you confirmed the arrival time with the caterers? Are client thank-you gifts prepared? As we mentioned, using an event planner will make keeping track of all these tasks much easier – this way, you can stay organized and on top of things.

After the day of the Client Appreciation Event, reach out and say thank you to everyone who attended. Express your gratitude once more and how much fun you had celebrating them the night before!

Now that you have a guide on how to host a Client Appreciation Event, we hope you get out there and start planning – your clients are sure to appreciate it!