The Best Ways to End the Semester With a Bang

The end of the fall semester can be a crazy time for your staff and students. But, it is also important to celebrate all your successes of the past year and start the new year on a positive note. A holiday party is a perfect way to celebrate your staff, and we have unique ideas that are sure to be a highlight of the year.

With the craziness of the holiday season quickly approaching, you may find it difficult to find a weekend to host an event. We suggest holding it during the week, giving your teachers and their families something to look forward to after work, or a weekend before December hits!

Here are some ways you can end your year with a bang. 💥

Casino Night

Instead of your typical holiday party, change things up with an exciting casino night! There are many themes that we can help you execute with your casino night such as a Night in Las Vegas, a Monte Carlo dream, or a “trip” to Atlantic City! With a wide variety of gambling options, we help distribute play money to your guests and they can cash their winnings in for either small prizes or a few guests can win larger luxury items. We can also help organize an auction, raffle, box raffle, or top winners list to choose who gets prizes. Your staff will feel thrilled with this exciting evening of fun.

Sports Bar

Sports Bar

Transforming your space into a sports bar can also be a great way to give your staff an escape from the day of school. We have pool tables, laser shooting galleries, video games, shuffleboards, and more available for rental, so adults and their children alike will have plenty of play. You can cater from a local restaurant all the favorite bar bites to eat and bring in TVs to play any games that may be streaming that evening.

Photo Booths

Whether it’s a casino night, sports bar, or another party theme, an essential setup is the famous photo booth opp. Fun Productions offers more than just your regular photo booth. We also have green screens, a virtual graffiti wall, light painting, and more! These one-of-a-kind activities give your guest an opportunity to take home a branded photo or video to remember the event. We will even make a custom background to fit your theme perfectly if you’d like. 🥳

It’s Time for Some Fun

After a school year different from all the years prior, everyone involved deserves a little year-end fun. The most important thing to remember is that adding some level of FUN to your events is just the thing your people need to loosen up and enjoy themselves. Fun Productions is here to add glitz and glitter to the entertainment portion so that YOU host a year-end party that no one will forget!