Teambuilding with Corporate Social Responsibility

You asked for it, we have it!

We’ve added elements to our Teambuilding that give back to the community. What better way to get your employees excited than to have them work together on a project that gives back in a socially responsible way?

1. Global Solar – is a team adventure in which teams have a great time and gain some new skills competing in challenges that end in the building of solar ovens. These ovens are a 100% green way for people in third world nations to boil water. When we send them to places like Africa they can be the difference between life & death. your people will feel fantastic about the bonding experience they had and being able to help some very needy populations in the process.


2. Build a bike, wooden toy, or stuffed animal challenges are another way that teams can get the ROI they need in creating a team bonding experiences while helping others who are less fortunate. The bikes and toys get donated to local hospitals, group homes, and shelters.


We are in the process of developing some new unique ways that can help companies have events that are fun, develop cohesion, and make a difference in the world – so stay tuned! If you have any ideas or feedback we’d love to hear it!


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