Summer Golf Games in Colorado

Summer means a lot of different things to different people: picnics, games, baseball, BBQs, playing in the park., etc. One thing summer means for a lot of us, especially in Colorado is golf! In fact, did you know we have over 300 golf courses in our state?

While I never used to be a fan, I was introduced to the game by a friend a few years ago and have really taken to it. I’m still frustrated that I haven’t gotten much better, but I do revel in the fact I can drive the ball farther than most people I play with. The rest of my game is a whole ‘nother story though….

In honor of this popular sport (and I promise, no Tiger Woods jokes), here’s an overview of some of the ways Fun Productions can bring some golf to your next event!

Golf Driving Cage: It’s like the real thing!! Step up to the driving mat, and take your best swing. A radar unit measures the distance you hit the ball and displays it digitally.

My favorite is our portable Miniature Golf. We have up to 18 unique holes with different challenges (needs about a 30’ x 40′ space.) It’s like bringing an actual putt-putt course to your event!! A new FUN addition that we have been doing indoors is black-light mini golf and really cool cosmic version!

Golf Simulator: Try your luck in a long drive competition or a closest to the pin match. Play 18 holes or play any of the courses on the Tiger Woods PGA. This is a a great realistic practice game in which you hit the ball and watch it land on the screen. Complete with projector, screen, computers and software and of course the balls and drivers.

Electronic Putt: If you want to practice putting in a small space this fully automatic putting green changes shapes & contours, cheers, and sends you back your ball to try again.

Velcro Golf: Using specially weighted golf balls you & your guest can chip them onto the mat to score points – try not to hit the sand or water traps!

And For large outdoor events, consider Frisbee Golf. Use three Frisbee golf holes/nets to play a 3, 6, or 9 hole course with our map & instructions! It’s really great fun!

And If you really want to go all out or are looking for a really fun way to promote teambuilding try our Par for the Course activity. We bring everything it takes to design and build your own putt-putt golf course. Teams build the course, everyone gets to play & then teams are awarded prizes based on their designs! Check out the video of event planners doing this exact challenge: