Start Planning Your After Prom Early

This is true for all events, but it really is never too early to start planning your after prom party! As the current prom starts to wrap up, start by asking students and volunteers what they liked and didn’t like and what could be improved.  Use that information to start planning for the next year while it is still fresh in your mind.  It will be extremely difficult to try and reflect on those pieces months down the road, as well as trying to contact those who helped for their feedback. A debrief with your committee can help as well. Not only with what games, activities and options you had available, but also how it was to work different activities/stations, how easy vendors were and were not to work with, and ideas to make next year better. The earlier you begin to plan the more options you will have from vendors too.  If waiting until the last minute, even a few months out, items may be unavailable, your vendor may not be available, and it will be make the overall planning, volunteer and execution process more difficult.