Start 2022 on a High Note

Did you decide not to host the typical holiday party for your organization this year?  Great idea! Here are several reasons to change up the tradition with a New year kick off event instead. Planning a party after January 1st is the perfect way to celebrate your accomplishments once all the craziness of the holidays is over. It also gives you more options (and better pricing) for venues, catering, and entertainment with everyone else done with their events. A party in the first quarter will help everyone destress after a crazy December and celebrate their accomplishments of 2021. Here are just a few of the many benefits to throwing an office party right in the new year. 


Creates Team Bonding

In an event setting, employees will talk about their personal lives outside of work. This is a great way to team bond and learn more about one another outside of the office. It’s also a chance to meet family members to further learn more about your colleagues. To encourage team bonding, you can also plan games, contests, and more into your event to incorporate even more fun. 


Boosts Engagement and Morale

With the chance to unwind and relax, productivity will naturally increase later in the office. When you give your employees the opportunity to step away from the workload, they will feel refreshed once they return back! Also, your employees will have a chance to meet other people within the company which boosts engagement all around. This also is a great time for employees to engage with management and share their ideas and thoughts about the organization in a laid-back setting. Overall, giving your employees an opportunity to enjoy and mingle in the workplace will ultimately boost employee morale. 


Natural Form of Networking

An office party is a great opportunity for all employees, no matter their seniority, to mingle and talk shop in a casual setting. It gives them the chance to meet people they might otherwise not interact within their day-to-day lives at the office. Not only can this create new friendships and collaboration, but it also allows employees to meet and build rapport with management. It’s the pressure-free environment that encourages networking in an organic way. 


Shows Appreciation

Valued, rewarded, and recognized employees are bound to succeed at work. Office parties and events are the ideal settings to recognize all the accomplishments of your colleagues with a good time. It’s proven that appreciated employees are bound to stay longer working for your organization and a new year party is the right way to get everyone on board right from the start. You want your employees to believe in your vision. The only way to do that is by making them feel a part of it. 

There’s still time to plan a 2022 New Years Party once everyone is back in the office. With some help from Fun Productions, we’ll make planning and running your party a breeze so you can sit back, have some fun, and reap all the benefits. Learn more here.