Selecting Vendors during After Prom Planning

It seems tempting to piece out, and utilize different vendors for different elements for your after prom party, as each vendor has their own unique selection of games, décor, tables and chairs, or other elements you may need. One vendor may have the game you want, but another one, who you’re already ordering items from, may have something similar, but the additional vendor will charge the same fees as the existing vendor. For instance, additional delivery, staffing, or overhead costs they would need to cover their business and rental expenses. Having to keep track of multiple vendors and their contact information, delivery time, requirements, etc. can be overwhelming.  Try to find a vendor that has most of the activities that you want to simplify the process, which will in turn streamline your day of event process too. If there is no way around ordering from multiple companies, choose a company that has the majority of what you’d like to order, then place the order for the existing pieces last. Again, a huge time saver for everyone.