Rain Plan

Fun Productions provides helpful tips for weather alternatives when planning an outdoor event.

In Colorado you never know what the weather is going to be like. One day it is 85 and sunny and the next it is 38 with a chance of snow – especially in the fall! All of the work you put into your outdoor event can be ruined by one weather report. Instead of checking the weather every hour the week leading up to your event, focus on making a Plan B. It may be tempting to just push your event back a couple of days, but sometimes it isn’t that simple.

While you are in the process of planning your event, ask about weather policies and what the options are for bad weather. Generally if you start the conversation early and know your options, you will have a better ability to come up with solutions to weather-related issues.

Before you make any changes, check with your vendors and venue. Ask their opinion, as they may have a simple solution for weather or can help you come up with one. Many outdoor venues may also have an indoor option that you can switch to.

If you do decide you would rather reschedule your event there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure you survey for what date works best. It is important to talk to your venue, guests, and vendors before confirming a new date and time. The items and location you wanted may already be booked on the day you are looking to reschedule, so it is important to be flexible. Guests will understand if you have to change venues due to weather, but make sure you give them plenty of time to adjust their schedules.

When making a rain plan or moving event dates it is important to be decisive. To avoid guest’s confusion about the event details, it is key to make a decision and stick to it. You do not want to be scrambling to change things the day of the event because you were not sure if you wanted to make the changes.