FP - Make Your Senior Feel Special

Make your Senior Feel Special

Right now is a difficult time for seniors whether it be college or high school. This was supposed to be the capstone to their education and a time of celebration. Whether it be Prom, Senior rights of passage, sporting events, performances, or other activities that are the culmination of everything they’ve done during their time in school and most importantly Graduation our seniors feel like they are missing out. 

Communities are trying to figure out how to celebrate these students who just want to feel special and honored the way they were meant to be this year. There is a lot of virtual promise for graduations, connecting, and speeches. That is one fantastic way to help. However, what we are finding is that some of those options miss the personal touch and the connection that is so important to a senior event. 

Our hope is that parents, friends, and families take this time to figure out something that satisfies these seniors on a different level. If they don’t get the cap and gown moment, then rent one so that you can still take pictures as well as have that quintessential throwing of the cap moment. For those that are saddened by the fact they didn’t get to wear that fancy dress and take pictures and have a nice dinner? Make a mini prom! Gather their friends and bring in some tent/table/chair rentals, catering, a dj, and a photo booth to give them that moment with the people they would’ve celebrated with. Not the dressing up type? Celebrate with a pseudo after prom and bring an inflatable or fun games to your house. The options go on and we want to help these kids feel special so you can do ALL of that including cap and gown rental through us. 

We know that the future is uncertain for big gatherings, but big or small you can still make your senior feel special. Whatever it is we are here to help them and you bring some joy out of this. Not sure what to do for them? Give us a call or shoot us an email and lets chat!