Keep Them Entertained!

You’ve chosen the location and worked out the logistics. Now comes the really fun part – Entertainment! The first thing to consider when choosing entertainment options for your company picnic is the various ages likely to be in attendance. In most cases, you’ll need to plan for young children right up to retirees. You’ll also want to consider including different activities for singles and families. The best way to ensure there is something for everyone is to include a wide variety of games and activities.

Entertainment checklist:

Young and Single.

This group tends to prefer active, self-serve activities that they can play at their leisure with friends and coworkers, but nothing that is too organized or outrageous. Ideas include volleyball, Ping-Pong, pool, miniature golf , and super active interactives like Zorb balls or obstacle courses. If you’re serving alcohol, this group will also want easy access to the bar!

Families with Young Children.

For parents of young children, it’s important to include activities that allow them to play with their children and easily observe their children at play. It’s especially nice for parents if some activities for their young children are enclosed. This allows them the opportunity to have a conversation with another adult without having to watch their child every second. Options like small moon bounces, carnival games, face painting, balloon artists, and Games Wizards are perfect for families with young children. Another fun option is an enclosed toddler zone with water tables, sand boxes, and Little Tikes play equipment.

Families with Older Children.

It’s great to have a selection of games and activities for pre-teens and teenagers that they can do on their own, with friends or with their parents. Having a selection of activities geared specifically towards older kids also allows them to have a great time without having to watch out for the younger kids. Large inflatables or interactive entertainment options are great for this group. Examples include a batting cage, rock climbing wall, LED dance floor, obstacle courses, miniature golf, carnival and arcade games. Examples include a batting cage, rock climbing wall, obstacle courses, bull rides, miniature golf, carnival and sports games.

Adults of All Ages.

Make sure to have plenty of comfortable seating for those guests who just want to sit and talk or observe others who are engaged in fun activities. Make sure to arrange seating in a covered area close to the bar and the food. You might even include some low-key games in the area such as corn hole, horse shoes or ladder ball. And, live music is always a nice touch!

Host competition.

Add activities like relays, softball, tug-O-war, water balloon battles, or volleyball tournaments. If you advertise these in advance and encourage employees to form teams and that prizes will be awarded, it will build excitement and help with attendance.
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