It’s Time to Party

It’s time to plan this year’s annual Company Picnic and you’re determined that this year it’s going to be epic. We’re so on board with that. At Fun Productions, we’re all about fun (duh!). But, experience has taught us that some pre-planning is key to a great event.

So, before getting into the fun stuff – Food! Beer! Games! Music! – there are some important things to consider that will make the entire planning process soooo much easier and your picnic much more successful.

Let’s get started…

Pre-Planning Checklist

  1. Who is the event for? Employees only? Employees and their families? Will anyone outside the company be invited? What about company retirees? Think about the people you hope will attend and ask yourself if you know of any special needs that should be considered before selecting a location.
  2. What is the purpose for the event? It’s important to make sure you have a clear understanding about why you’re planning a company picnic in the first place. What do you hope to accomplish with this year’s company picnic? Is it a way to show your employees some appreciation by giving them a fun event? Do you want to incorporate teambuilding? Is it an opportunity to show recognition or facilitate networking? Nailing down your objective will help you decide what types of activities to include at this year’s picnic.
  3. When will the picnic take place? Is there anything that may interfere with the dates you’ve selected, such as conferences or holidays? Most organizations host their company picnic in summer, but spring or fall are also great options!
  4. What is your budget for the event? Great company picnics can be planned on any budget – but, it’s definitely something you need to know before any actual planning begins. Your budget will guide most of your planning decisions, so make sure it’s set and approved before you begin.

Ok. Now that you’ve gotten through all that, it’s time to plan the picnic! Nearly 25 years of experience has taught us that even with the best of intentions, it’s easy to end up with an event that falls short of your vision, goals and purpose.

To help you avoid that situation, we created a free Complete Company Picnic Planning Checklist that will help you plan everything, from deciding the location, to every tiny detail. Get your checklist now and let’s get this party started!