Is your company picnic budget tight this year?

Traditionally company picnics tend to be one of the least expensive events that a company can produce to begin with. So if your budget is a bit smaller than it has been in the past, don’t throw your hands up a give up. Here are some simple ways to cut back and still have a great time:

  1. Have your event mid-week in the afternoon or evening, quite often venues will have a lower price for events that happen on a Tuesday or Wednesday.
  2. Bring the picnic to your place of business; do you have a lawn and some parking space that would work for the event?
  3. Eliminate the giveaways – they are nice but if employees do not go home with a gift, it will not ruin the fun they had at the event.
  4. Public Park shelters are a great venue that is usually not as expensive as private space.