Inflatable Safety

In light of the recent inflatable accident in Colorado, Fun Productions would like to comment on safety and inflatable operations.

For the last 14 years Fun Productions has been setting up over 1000 events per year with inflatables and we have never (thank God and knock on wood) had any type of tragic accident like what happened last week occur on any of our event sites. We are all so horrified and upset by the fact that fly by night companies continue to not take safety seriously.

Fun Productions exceeds all manufacturers suggested anchoring guidelines and weighting recommendations. The other policy that we have at Fun Productions is to require all of our inflatables to be rented with staff. Staff stay with the units to ensure that rules are being followed, weather is monitored, staking and weighting are checked, and they maintain an overall safe environment that allows our guests to continue to enjoy their event and not be faced with any unforeseen tragedies.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for clients who want to have inflatables at their events to do the proper checking and ask the right questions before hiring a service provider. There should never be an inflatable installed without stakes and/or weights and under no condition should you be told that it is not needed. You should ask about safety records and maintenance logs, staffing, and insurance. It is frustrating for us that customers will often put themselves, their guests and children at risk to save money.

I would absolutely prefer fewer inflatables get rented than to ever see any be blown up unsafely. We would like to thank our thousands of amazing clients for all of your support and loyalty over the years that have allowed us to operate a fun and safe event company.