Ideas to take your Labor Day Party to the next level!

Working hard? Nope, hardly working – let’s party!!  Labor Day is more than just the last long weekend of summer. Parents may anxiously await less labor at home with the onset of school, although the holiday technically commemorates an end to unreasonable working conditions of old and celebrates social and economic contributions of the worker. Here are a few festive suggestions to elevate your End of Summer Soiree –

A school supply donation drive is a great entrance fee to a Back to School Bash. Sidewalk chalk coloring contests. Decorate bikes and wagons for a block parade. No doubt there are already plans to fire up the grill before the weather cools, and Fun Productions has all the best fun to accompany that good food. Arrange for the inflatable fun from our extensive inventory, including the newest arrival: Bubble Soccer! Enjoy carnivalconcessions, and popular entertainment choices like Wacky Hair Artists before the kids have to go back to school with uniform regulations. Hire talented Games Wizards to facilitate summer field day playoffs like Watermelon Seed Spitting Contests, Wacky Trike Races, and Water Balloon Tosses. Alternatively, create a free play area of your own with our Games to Go Packages.
Wearing white after Labor Day is no longer the fashion faux-pas of times gone by, although many continue to send off summer in all white for fun. Check out our high tech event enhancements for your white weekend theme. LED furniture and Oxygen Bars are impressive additions to more formal affairs. Our Game Show Mania allows for official rounds of themed trivia. Offer our latest photo innovation: Light Painting! Don’t forget one of our many photo station options to capture guest memories in a take-away.
Honor those who worked so hard in times gone by so we don’t have to with a Blue Jean Ball, Blue Jeans & Bling, or Denim & Diamonds Theme. Ask that guests pay homage to a favorite occupation by dressing to impress (ie Police Officers, Miners, Farmers, Fire Fighters, etc). Set up self serve food stations for this hard working theme like a Burger Bar, and let the fun begin! Bystanders enjoy as much as participants playing the comical Cow Milking Contest or Cow Pie Fly. Rent the inflatable Wrecking Ball for construction themed fun, or bring out the lumberjack in guests with the inflatable Log Jammer. Casual lawn games like Corn Hole, Giant Chess/Checkers/Connect 4, or horseshoes are always a great way to relax, socialize, and get outside.
Enhance one last hurrah with our suggestions before the days shorten, and give your guests something to talk about this long Labor Day until next summer!