How to Host a Successful Casino Night

Fun Productions has been helping to create successful casino nights since 1992?

We typically distribute a $1,000 play money bill to each guest. The guests cash-in their money for chips at the table of their choice. Gaming usually lasts 2-3 hours. Our staff also handles the cash-in at the end of the “gaming” period. We suggest that you award prizes of some kind whether they are small token items or a large variety of nicer gifts. This promotes the competition of “Gambling”, and will encourage guests to keep playing to win.

The prize giveaway can be handled in one of the following ways:

  1. The Auction – Each player is given a voucher at the end of play. The vouchers state their name and amount of money won, and are initialed by the dealer. These vouchers will be used to determine how much they may bid for the prizes being auctioned.
  2. The Raffle – Each player may buy raffle tickets at the commencement of gaming for $500.00 per ticket. Raffle tickets may also be sold throughout the evening. It is a good idea to have a twenty ticket limit. The prizes are then awarded to the person holding the chosen ticket. This option is good when you have a lot of prizes because it will go faster than an auction; it also gives everyone a chance at a prize even if they were left with very few winnings.
  3. The Box Raffle – This is much like a regular raffle in the ticket buying process, except that the guests get to choose which prize or prizes they want to have a chance to win. The prizes are displayed, and a raffle box is used for each prize or group of prizes. The guests get to put their raffle tickets in the box or boxes of their choice. Each prize is then awarded to the winning ticket holder.
  4. Top Winners – If you have five or fewer prizes you may choose to award them to the “Big” winners of the night. The voucher system will be used. The dealers will keep the vouchers showing all the player’s winnings. The top winners will be awarded the gifts.

With each option, you can also include people who “lost their shirts” by giving everyone who ran out of money a ticket for the “booby” prize, so that they may still be included. You can also issue IOU’s for players to get more money at the cashier station, which will be subtracted from their winnings at the end. This way people will continue to play even if they have run into some “bad luck”. You may also choose whether players will be limited to winning only one prize or if you will allow couples or groups to pool their winnings.

…the real winnings are in the *FUN* for everyone at any casino night