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How To Engage Attendees at Your Next Convention or Conference: Interactive Rentals and Activities

Creating an engaging and memorable convention experience doesn’t have to be a challenge. With interactive rentals and activities, you can energize your event and captivate attendees. From custom-designed gamification to immersive photo booths and relaxing wellness stations, there’s something for everyone. Let’s explore some of the ways you can enhance your convention experience.

Custom-Designed Gamification

Add a fun and competitive edge to your convention with our Scavenger Hunt App. Attendees can download the app and engage with booths and areas to earn points by scanning QR codes. They can unlock photo challenges, organization-specific trivia, and networking tips as they go. 

You can feature a leaderboard that can boost participation and motivate attendees with exciting prizes for top performers. You’ll also receive a highlight reel showcasing all the photos and videos captured during the convention.


Delight attendees with classic booth attraction games such as cash cubes, spinning prize wheels, concession machines, and ring tosses. These time-honored favorites are sure to entertain and keep guests engaged.

Carnival Theme 

Bring a carnival atmosphere to your event with booths offering midway-style games. Attendees can play to win coupons or swag, tying the theme into your event’s decor and promotions.

Casino Theme

Add a touch of excitement with a casino theme. Each booth can feature gaming tables where attendees can play for swag. Later, move the games into the ballroom for a full-scale casino night with fantastic prizes from sponsors.

Photo Booths

Create lasting memories with photo booths. The pictures are great custom gifts! You can add conference details, theme backgrounds, and sponsor logos to them. These keepsakes will remind them of the event long after it’s over.

Social Media

Promote social media engagement with event hashtags and rewards for those who share their experiences. Feature a social media screen that displays attendees’ posts, inspiring them to participate and see their names in lights.

Game Show

Bring energy and excitement with a live game show stage featuring games like Jeopardy, Family Feud, or Wheel of Fortune. Customize questions to reflect industry-specific information or key topics you want attendees to learn.

Human Energy

Ensure booth staff are actively engaging with attendees without being overly aggressive. Offer a class on effective booth management and create an open, inviting space with attractive graphics and backlighting. Properly trained staff can draw attendees in and make the most of the booth experience—if you’d rather not deal with training, consider hiring an attendant.

Mental and Physical

Offer attendees a space to relax and recharge with wellness stations. Provide rest lounges, chair massages, tarot card readings, caricature artists, and meditation headphones to help guests unwind and reenergize during the event.

Prizes and Gifts

Make your prizes and gifts meaningful and useful to attendees. Offer thoughtful swag like thermal lunch bags or desk calendars instead of generic items. Allocate part of your budget for a grand prize to attract attention and gather valuable contact information. For added excitement, set up a prize wheel at your event. Attendees can spin the wheel for a chance to win a variety of prizes, from exclusive swag to discounts or services. This can boost engagement and encourage attendees to visit your booth. Host an event-wide raffle with contributions from every exhibitor or sponsor, motivating attendees to explore each booth and stay until the end for a chance to win.

You Can Host a Worthwhile Company Event

These interactive rentals and activities provide a distinct way to engage attendees at your next conference or convention. Not only will they create memorable experiences for your guests, but they will also enhance your event’s overall atmosphere. Browse our event rentals and services to find the perfect additions for your event, or contact us to start a custom quote.