Holiday Hints

Weekends in December are booking up fast with holiday cheer! Having a hard time finding available venues and equipment? Here are some tips to make planning easier:

Hint: plan something during the week, and even better, if after work hours during the week. 

The first few weekends in December are the most popular for holiday parties. If you are flexible with your date you may have more options. Holiday parties are generally planned for the month of December, but why? December not only has some of the most major and time consuming Holidays of the year, but kids are out of school for weeks, employees are visiting family, family could be visiting from out of town, etc – why not plan your casino or ‘Holiday’ party for November or January?
Instead of thinking of a painful event to attend, guests will look forward to leaving work early and enjoying their evening with the colleagues (who they would be spending this time with anyway), and bringing along their families to enjoy as well.

Hint: try something different than last year

If you are tired of having the same casino equipment each year or your table choices are not available, try a new theme for your party! How about a miniature golf theme? When the weather keeps you from the course, bring the course to your venue. Perhaps create a Game Room with Sports & Bar options or make a mini arcade! And, who doesn’t love Game Night? Fun Productions can provide the Giant Operation, Giant Chess, Giant Jenga, Xbox Game Zones and more!
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