Great Event Ideas for College Welcome Weeks

Adulting can be hard, but so can going back to school. Welcome everyone back with a week full of themed events!

Adulting is hard: Have fun like a big kid

Ideas for types of events to host at this year’s Back to School Celebration

  • Casino Night – a casino complete with blackjack, craps, roulette, & poker tables is a great mix & mingle event for people who do not know each other. Students will be able to sit together and have some common topics of conversation – gambling. It is a great ice breaker event.
  • Arcade/Sports Bar – Set up your common area like a pool hall, arcade or sports bar with lots of lights, action and fun for everyone. 
  • Field of Fun – Fill the field with all of the latest and greatest inflatables, dunk tanks, and interactive physical games for a great day in the fall sun.
  • Carnival – The games of chance are a super fun way for students to interact.
  • Department Trade Show – Set up a booth for each department, resource office, clubs and other groups that students may need to be introduced to. It is a great idea to have a ticket to check off students have visited all the booths and offer a prize for getting it all checked. Another great way to entice students to visit booths is by having a game, entertainer or interactive contest at each booth.
  • Team Building or Dorm Wars – put students on teams according to their dorms or randomly and have a great team adventure. Create a round robin schedule so team can play each other in challenge stations head to head.
  • Concert – A trending music group or band will be a huge draw to get students out and celebrating together.
  • Entertainer – Bring in a comedian, magician, celebrity impersonator, or hypnotist show.
  • Busker Fest – put together a festival full of street performers.
  • BBQ – nothing brings a bunch of hungry students out to mingle like some good smokin’ food.
  • Food Trucks – another great way to feed students without a giant mess.
  • Competitions – Volleyball, kickball, softball, tug-o-war, relay races, and other tournaments are a fun way to create some bonding.
  • School of_____ specific – have the engineering school build Rube Goldberg machines, how about have the school of business students start a lemonade stand, the Science School can host a Science Fair.
  • Water Wars – squirters, water balloons, water slides, slip & slides – get them wet and wild!
  • Dunk the Admin – Pie throwing, dunk tanks, splash down, etc show the fun side of and make administration, counselors, etc. more approachable.
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