Graduation Party Fun Ideas

Think of Fun Productions when you’re planning your graduation party! We have all the of fun and games that will make your party stand out from all the rest..and of course keep the kids busy!

Inflatable games challenges are a great way to get everyone interacting. How about our inflatable Gladiator Pedestal Joust, wrecking ball, bungee run, sumo wrestling, an obstacle course or our brand new Giant Human Hamster Balls!?

We’re seeing more & more families doing casino nights for their parties! Since you’re not gambling real money, it’s fun for the whole family. From poker to roulette to even bingo, we have something for everyone.

How about adding a few video games? Bring back memories of your graduation with a Pac-Man/Galaga combo! Or something for the kids with the always popular Dance Dance Revolution. Wouldn’t you like to see Grandma dancing with the grandkids? Golf more your thing? Challenge your in-laws to our electronic putting game. Or why not a 9 course putt-putt golf game? Better yet, we can bring out our teambuilding version & help the whole family make your own putt-putt course!!

Give us a call- we’ve got hundreds of other ideas to make your party the best on your block!