Forming Your After Prom Committee

The idea of putting one person in charge of the after prom party may not seem appealing at first, as this is a huge task and responsibility to undertake, but it has many benefits. By having one person overseeing all aspects of the event, this allows for committee members to stand accountable and enforce deadlines.  The challenge of a committee, without a chairperson, is that tasks can get overlooked and deadlines can be missed.  Imagine a class without a teacher, a team without a captain, or a department without a leader.  Having one person in charge does not mean that the other members will have no say and nothing to do, this means they will have someone to turn to for any additional help needed, and an outside perspective from their smaller committee to work with.  Be sure to divide up responsibilities rather than having every member working on every task.  It is hard to make progress and stay on the same page if 10 people are trying to do the same thing.