Fun Productions, Inc. is a Denver-based company that provides party event rentals and services (e.g., inflatables, concessions, games, etc.).  From events held on the tops of ski resorts to halftime shows at professional sports arenas, working for Fun Productions, Inc. will provide you with a chance to work in a fun atmosphere that is ever-changing and never dull!

Are you the type of person that likes to work hard as a team to pull something off and find it fulfilling to see it all come together then watch guests smile and have fun?  Do you like to see new things every day and enjoy a schedule that is never the same?  Do you prefer to roll with the punches and problem solve versus have a set predictable schedule and tasks?  Are you the type of person that likes to be helpful, humble, team-focused, be proud of the work you do and have a passion for events, fun & games, or being a part of something great?  If you answered yes, this is the right fit for you.

The team culture at Fun Productions, Inc. is positive and fun!  The work is hard, but the team also laughs a lot! Our values are: Think Can Do, Be Empathetic, Live Gratefully, Lead with Confident Humility, & Stay Hungry.  These are not words on the wall, we take behaving this way seriously.  Our core-focus & mission as a company is giving people permission to play and building a community where individuals matter both inside and outside of our company.  We are looking for people who want to make a difference and be part of a family, Is that what you are looking for too?

Starting Pay: $22/hr with a $1 raise after 90-days.

Health insurance with dental and vision paid for by the company. Monthly profit-sharing bonuses and yearly holiday bonuses. Retirement plan matching up to 3%.

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