Did You Think of These When You Started Planning Your After Prom?

Get details about available and usable space for your after prom party as early as possible

When the process begins for contacting vendors, the vendors will ask you questions in regards to space and venue details you’ll be using for the event. To save time, know the answers before you make the call rather than having to find out later and get back to them.

Helpful questions to keep in mind:

  • How much square footage do you have? Is it uninterrupted or are there pillars, poles, etc. we need to note?
  • Power? How much power is available, and what kind? Most inflatables need separate circuits, so knowing how much power and circuits is key.
  • Will you have volunteers to help staff equipment? If so how many, and where do you see them being allocated?
  • Load in/Load Out/Set Up Times? Do you have an open house for your after prom? Is the school available for set up and load in the day before? What time must the equipment be out? Find out the earliest and latest times for all the above, as this may change vendor availability as well as overhead fees, and you want to know as many of these unforeseen/unpublished prices beforehand rather than closer to the event or further down the planning road.
  • How many guests are expected at your after prom? This will help the vendor know what to recommend, as you may not need as many casino tables, or supplies for the cotton candy or concession machine
  • Budget – even if you only have the budget from last year from what they spent, this is a better number than saying, ‘I don’t have one yet’. It feels the worst when your wish list is huge, only to find out you can only afford the smallest piece of your overall vision.
  • Theme – this will also help a vendor in referring you to the best items for your event. If they have so many items, you don’t want something tropical for your western event, and vice versa.