First and foremost all the Fun Pros’ hearts go out to all those affected by this terrible pandemic.  We are so sorry for all who have gotten ill, lost a loved one, and/or are suffering during this time of uncertainty.  We also want to thank all of the front line community fighting the fight.  Thanks and appreciation to all in the community continuing to allow all of us to have everything we need and many luxuries as well during this time that are continuing to work harder than ever before while most of us are being “Safer at Home”.  We also would like to thank our leaders for their efforts to keep us safe and also help to save our livelihoods.

Next, we want to assure all of our clients, vendors, partners, and staff that we are hanging tight, we are making all the best choices to remain relevant and intact through the length of this crisis.  We do have staff available for your calls and emails to answer questions, work on future events, and collaborate on ways we can help solve any of the issues you are struggling with.  While we have a skeleton crew we are here and working.  We are also doing so many cool things to be able to maximize all that we do efficiently when everyone else returns to work too!

One of the biggest concerns for our clients moving forward is being safe at events in the future.  We have made it a priority to come up with solutions to keep guests safe at events and here are some of the ways we are doing this that will grow and change based on government, CDC, WHO, and Colorado Event Alliance Recommendations;

  • ALL equipment is being disinfected, cleaned, & Sprayed thoroughly with disinfectant.
  • All equipment will be wrapped if possible before being loaded to minimize contamination.
  • All equipment will be cleaned and sanitized again upon set-up.
  • Our staff will be in gloves and masks at all times before, during, and after your event.
  • All of our staff will have their temperature taken prior to working and we will screen each of them to insure they have not had symptoms or exposure.
  • We can provide additional staff to make any use of equipment, completely touchless by guests.
  • We will provide stanchions, barriers, or marked areas to keep guests separated while in lines, etc.
  • We will provide sanitizing wipes at every station to allow for cleaning of all surfaces between use.

Lastly, if you have questions and are uncertain about dates and how to proceed please call us and we can put your mind at ease.  We want to create a win/win situation where we can start planning for your special events and special moments without the fear of negative consequences if we are unable to move forward with the date due to government directives.


Rescheduling in General

  • To reschedule your event, we must be able to accommodate your new date on our calendar, and the revised event must be of an equivalent scope.
  • If you execute a new contract with us at least 31 days before the event, we’ll credit all amounts that have been paid at that time to the new event date.
  • Credits will be applied to the rescheduled event, not refunded.
  • All reservation fees for sub-contracted services like entertainers and catering, etc. will not be credited and the full balance for these services is due.  These services must be rebooked and paid for in full on new contract.
  • Please note that our standard practice is to require certain event minimums on high-demand dates, and this may affect availability for your reschedule request.

Rescheduling 2020 Events to 2021 Dates

  • Our hourly staffing charges are increasing in 2021 due to mandated wage increases in Denver starting January 1. These new rates will be reflected on your rescheduled event.
  • If your event is rescheduled to a Friday, Saturday or Sunday during the months from May to October, or if it is moved to December, we will re-price your event based on 2021 rates.
  • If you choose an off-peak day or month, we will honor the pricing in your current agreement.


We understand that canceling your event involves an agonizing decision about disrupted plans and the absorption of certain costs. Meanwhile, the cancellation provision of our contract reflects our commitment to devote to each event the resources needed to provide our high level of service. In exchange for that commitment and the costs of keeping it, we depend on our contracted revenues to maintain and build a business that has served Colorado for 28 years. In addition to the longstanding dedication Fun Productions has to care for the community as a whole, our employees and our business are also part of that community and deserve important consideration as we balance these emergent public health concerns.

Cancellations Due to Government Action

  • If a government ban on events, or a restriction on events, forces the cancellation of your event, we will release you from all obligations of your invoice except for the Reservation Fee Payment which is non-refundable, plus any actual out-of-pocket costs we’ve incurred in preparation for your event that exceed that payment.

Additional Cancellation Provisions

  • If we cancel your event unilaterally, we will refund any monies we have collected from you. In 28 years, we have never canceled a client’s event.
  • If you cancel the event the Reservation Fee will be retained by Fun Productions.