Company picnics are the trend for corporate celebrations

Maybe it is the economy, maybe it is the call to create them memories of good old-fashioned fun, or it could be the current “perception” of corporate spending. Whatever the reason may be, it is obvious that company picnics and BBQ’s are the current “go to events” for corporations.

There tends to be a feeling that corporate excess is not well received in the current economy, therefore galas may not be the best way to reward and motivate employees. The age old summer season Company Picnic however is certainly a practical and realistic celebration. Who could possible see anything negative about getting employees and their families together to bond and have a little fun in the sun? The budget spent can be a fraction of other types of events and in terms of return the advantage is huge. When employees are able to connect and their families become friends they are more likely to have a “company driven” attitude. The best way to get these results are to host the picnic at a place that can be a private venue for your company only like a stadium, park shelter, or sports field that you rent. By having your own place where everyone stays and plays together rather than spread all over a public facility makes a big difference in ROI. Next add an element that creates an experience that can be remembered and make it something that your employees and their families cannot do on their own any other weekend. Finally be sure that all upper management and principals in the company are present and get involved, so employees feel like they have been given permission to “let loose’ a bit.

-Dawn Abbott