The ROI of Fun: How Company Picnics Can Pay Off in the Long Run

Corporate, Company & Family Picnics

The warm summer weather has arrived, and with it, excited chatter among employees about the annual company picnic. However, if you are the one planning it, you may not feel the same way. You may have a long to-do list, loads of logistics, and require quite a few resources. But, it’s worth it! If you’re…

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Breaking the Ice With Back-to-School Events

Maybe you’re counting down the days or maybe you’re pretending it’ll never happen, but either way, it’s time to face the fact that the first day of school is quickly approaching! For some kids, starting a new school year can be a difficult transition. After a summer of endless fun, loose routines, and hours of…

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Why Company Picnics are Trending & How to Host a Successful One

A good ole fashioned picnic has always been a great way to host a corporate event but after the year 2020… it’s now the trend. After a global social and economic crisis, all people and businesses can agree that safety and health are most important — throw in the fact that corporate picnics are the…

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