Bring on the Fun at Your Next Conference, Convention or Trade Show

We’ve all experienced it. Whether it’s been a dreadful conference, party, or even a team meeting — no one looks forward to it but there is one thing we are all guilty of doing when it comes to boring events… we tell others about it. 

The last thing you want for someone to do after attending your conference, convention, or tradeshow is to go around saying how boring it was. Instead… you want people to voluntarily bring it up because they were so impressed with how much fun they had. 

We know. Conferences, Conventions, and Tradeshows are professional matters, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun.

When you decide to host any type of event — even if it’s just a meeting, you should make it enjoyable. That’s not to take away from the seriousness of the matter at hand, but instead, it’s to get everyone on the same page and establish an inviting atmosphere so everyone can feel comfortable and naturally intrigued. 

When it comes to hosting a conference, convention, or tradeshow, there are a lot of moving parts. It’s not easy setting an agenda, forming a budget, securing a location, and marketing the event. 

Those are the big things that have to be done before the event has even started. 

It’s not the host’s intention to put on a boring event. It happens because there’s so much work put into the organizing of the event that what actually goes on in the event itself can get lost. That’s where we would say, insert: Fun Productions

We are literally in business to make sure your events not only get planned but they get recognized in good faith (AKA: a fun-filled time that gets shared over and over again). 

Five Ways Fun Productions Can Brand Your Events From Boring to Brilliant

There are so many ways you can entice your attendees to ensure they are having fun, while also positioning your company as the spotlight. Here are five fun ways we can help. 

A Branded Photo Booth

In this digital age we’re living in, everyone loves snapping pictures. They’re going to be doing it anyway, so you might as well make sure it’s driving traffic to your brand. Rent a themed photo booth and we can add your logo & whatever else you want to say on the photo prints so when guests share to their social media or hang it up on their fridge at home, everyone knows where they got it from. 


Win Prizes

It doesn’t matter how old we get, everyone loves a little challenge knowing they get something in return. You could try out one of our Money Machines, the famous Color Wheel, a Blackjack table, or a long-time winner like putt-putt.  Whatever you go with, make the prizes worthwhile and you’ll be surprised how much fun your attendees have with it.


Bring the nostalgia with Classic Games

Sometimes, offering the most basic forms of entertainment can be the biggest hit — especially to a group of people who (most likely) haven’t experienced innocent fun in a while. Think of your audience. What are the classic games of their era? A Giant Connect 4,  Giant Jenga, or Giant Lite Britel are sure to catch people’s attention.


Everyone loves a Happy Hour or Connection Lounge

A mini happy hour may be just the thing your attendees need to take the edge off and relax a little. With an LED bar,  a pool table, and some arcade games this is sure to create a happy crowd.


Relaxation Station – you don’t have to ask me twice!

This may come as a surprise to your guests but once they take advantage of it, they’ll be talking about how awesome it was with no questions asked. We can build out a “relaxation station” with chair massages and an oxygen bar for the ultimate peaceful experience. Surprising your attendees is one way to win them over!

Your Event Planning Committee is Ready When You Are 

We’ll happily come in as your trusted committee for all things FUN. Browse all of our rental items and services, and then let’s start planning your next corporate event!