Breaking the Ice With Back-to-School Events

Maybe you’re counting down the days or maybe you’re pretending it’ll never happen, but either way, it’s time to face the fact that the first day of school is quickly approaching!

For some kids, starting a new school year can be a difficult transition. After a summer of endless fun, loose routines, and hours of play, it can be quite an adjustment to return to the structure of school. Not to mention, there’s the anticipation of a new teacher, meeting friends, or maybe even a different school! A new school year can be especially scary when you’re heading off to college too!

Moving up a grade, heading off to university for the first time, and a new school are just a few of the big changes that happen in late summer, which is why we want to talk about back-to-school events!

Whether you’re 7 or 25, welcome weeks and back-to-school affairs are a fun way to break the ice, eliminate anxiety, and prepare for the year ahead.

We put our brains together, thought back to our first days of school, and came up with a slew of welcome week event ideas and school event themes that are sure to be a hit with your students.

Drumroll, please…  

Back to School Breakfast

Or in other words, a sneaky way to help everyone practice waking up earlier than 7:00 AM.

Another great thing about a breakfast event is that it works for all ages. Elementary kids can play with their friends while parents get to know each other and socialize. College-aged kids are sure to attend any event promising free food, so you can review orientation details while they enjoy pancakes and eggs.

Amp up your breakfast event by featuring a blow-up slide or a bounce house for the kids to play on. It’s a bonus if you have a toddler zone to keep young ones entertained while parents meet teachers and navigate orientation!


Snow Cone Social

What’s better than a snow cone on a hot August day? Whether you’re celebrating the start of a new school year or mourning the end of a summer of freedom, Snow Cones are always a good idea.

With minimal ingredients, snow cones are a quick and cost-efficient treat. Plus, we’ve got you covered with a snowcone machine and supplies.


What better way to kick off welcome week than with a carnival! They create a fun space for students to get to know each other, whatever the age.

Get creative with orientation information by incorporating it into a carnival booth. Give out prizes to anyone who can pass a quiz about what they learned at orientation or to the students who brought all their classroom supplies.

From carnival tents to carnival games, we have you covered so you can host an event that students of all ages will enjoy.


Take advantage of those last few warm summer evenings and host a picnic at the school. College students can bring their roommates and meet new friends or high school students can come with their families and give their parents a night off from cooking.

If you’re in need of food ideas, check out our list here. Did someone say hotdogs??

Remember to Have Fun

No matter which event you choose, the important thing is that students enjoy themselves so they can look forward to the new school year.

At Fun Productions, we know how to create events that radiate excitement. We can plan your entire back-to-school party for you or help you DIY it. Either way, we’ll make sure your welcome week event is a smashing success!