The Future of Corporate Events: Trends to Watch in 2024 and Beyond

The Future of Corporate Events: Trends to Watch

What’s a corporate event? Simple. It’s any workplace gathering meant to give coworkers a space to bond, engage, or celebrate. These events can consist of sports games, award ceremonies, networking, team-building activities, retreats, and more.  While these are tried-and-true reasons for these events that have lasted generations, we can’t help but wonder: Will the format…

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How To Engage Attendees at Your Next Convention or Conference: Interactive Rentals and Activities

Creating an engaging and memorable convention experience doesn’t have to be a challenge. With interactive rentals and activities, you can energize your event and captivate attendees. From custom-designed gamification to immersive photo booths and relaxing wellness stations, there’s something for everyone. Let’s explore some of the ways you can enhance your convention experience. Custom-Designed Gamification…

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Top 10 Fun Pro Rentals for 2024

Obstacle Course Rentals

Planning your next big event, whether it’s a school fundraiser, company picnic, or milestone birthday, presents an exciting opportunity to create lasting memories and ensure everyone has a fantastic time. However, the planning process can often feel overwhelming, leaving you unsure of where to begin or which direction to take. But don’t stress! With the…

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Unique Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Fundraising is a tried-and-true method of earning some financial support for your nonprofit—but if we’re honest, it can take a lot of time and effort to plan and prepare for the big event. So it only makes sense that, after all your hard work, you want to make sure your efforts actually impact donors for…

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Beyond Balloons and Streamers: Elevating Your Mitzvah Party with Fun Productions

Planning a memorable Mitzvah party involves more than just standard balloons and streamers. If you want to take your celebration to the next level, explore event rentals and entertainment options from Fun Productions. We can add a unique touch to your Mitzvah party, creating a memorable experience for you and your guests. As the go-to…

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Flawless Execution: The Benefits of Choosing an Experienced Event Producer

Common Pitfalls of Planning Corporate Events

If you’ve been around here for a while, you probably know that we love to talk about why hosting flawlessly executed company events is so important for nurturing healthy team dynamics.  Why? Well for starters, company events give employees a chance to kick back, relax, and get to know their coworkers on a casual level.…

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When Fun Meets Fundraising: How to Plan an Event That’s Both Entertaining and Effective

The idea of fundraising may bring back memories of you or a young one going door to door selling coupon books or wrapping paper. While a successful strategy, you likely don’t have the time to go knocking on people’s doors. To help solve that problem, we are here today with some fundraising event ideas that…

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The ROI of Fun: How Company Picnics Can Pay Off in the Long Run

Corporate, Company & Family Picnics

The warm summer weather has arrived, and with it, excited chatter among employees about the annual company picnic. However, if you are the one planning it, you may not feel the same way. You may have a long to-do list, loads of logistics, and require quite a few resources. But, it’s worth it! If you’re…

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5 Unique Ideas to Celebrate the End of the School Year

If you’re reading this post, we’re guessing that probably means you’re in charge of planning an end-of-school-year activity. A stressful job, we know! You don’t want to put hours of work into a celebration just to hear students groan and say, “Seriously? That’s so lame.”  But fear not! We’ve compiled a list of 5 unique…

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The Complete Guide to Client Appreciation Events & How They Benefit Your Company

Client Appreciation Events

It’s the beginning of the new year – the perfect time to step back and recognize that your business has made it this far thanks in large part to your clients. You can spend countless hours planning and working on your business and pour all the resources imaginable into your company, but without clients, all…

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