All Things Theme Football FUNatics

With only one game left pre-season is almost over, which means that it is Pigskin-Themed-Party-Time again!

Here are a few ideas to ensure your next group huddle is a touchdown! Invite your favorite fans with mock game tickets that include all the applicable details for your day. Ask the rowdy crowd to arrive in uniform: team colors, painted faces, etc… Decorate your venue with pennants, banners, posters, fan crowd signs, maybe even fake grass centerpieces – perfect for finger football. Concession stand foods will really set the mood! Ask Fun Productions to supply the popcorn, nachos, hot dog roller, pretzel warmer, or cotton candy! Create bleacher style seating, even if you’re just hanging out in front of the big screen. Die-hard fans may appreciate a different area for the strictly socializers as well as a separate kids zone.
How about a few of the following highlights for the ultimate Tailgate from Fun Productions Inc:
Armchair QB: Perfect your passes!
3 Point Kick: Flaunt your fancy footwork!
Go Racers: Helmet racers around an inflatable track – No danger of helmet hair!
Sports Arena: Practice your Touchdown Pass!
Bungee Sports Challenge: Bungee Tug-O-War against an opponent to gain more yards down an inflated field!
Electric or Carnival Football Tosses
Bring the party inside with a football themed green screen or virtual graffiti wall