All of Fall

The arrival of pumpkin spice …everything… must mean Fall is finally here! Luckily Fun Productions can help you celebrate any season.

Dip into Fun Productions’ bag of tricks to create this years’ community event, fall festival, fundraiser, or that special treat for any large group who will enjoy a Halloween Trick-or-Treat-Street! Customize the creepy with VIE Events’ Green Screen or photo booth options for hilarious or haunting guest takeaways.
Interested in another popular option for this year’s fall fling? Classic Carnival! Fun Pro has all you need for a carnival theme – Hi Striker Strong Man Challenge or the new Kiddie Hi Striker companion, Fun Mirrors, 5-in-1 Inflatable Carnival, tabletop midway games, red & white striped booths, and beyond!
If Oktoberfest is more your fall flavor, check out Fun Productions’ extensive inventory of Sports & Bar equipment: Regulation Beer Pong, Air Hockey, Pop-a-shots, Foosball, Ping Pong, Pool, Darts, Arcade Games and much more!
Gather together to celebrate the quintessential tradition of Thanksgiving, which glorifies the best in American culture: unity, gratitude and gluttonous feasting! Start a few traditions of your own this year: Allow guests to decorate their own centerpieces. Cover the Kid’s Table in huge pieces of paper for hours of art instead of your best linens. Request old photos from those attending to create keepsake place settings. Fill those endless hours of waiting on the perfect turkey with fun for all. Tweak the infamous Cake Walk into a Pumpkin Pie Parade. Draw names of all those in attendance, and have everyone secretly write a note of gratitude for the name they drew. Then place the anonymous notes at the respective seats to be found during the big meal. Or maybe this is the year you suggest volunteering as a group in a soup kitchen – Have fun with those you love while feeding those without!
And, what is any American Tradition without football? While some nestle into comfy recliners to nap through the game, most hit the turf in one way or another. Go big by having teams dress as either Pilgrims or Native Americans. Invite the neighbors by “selling” tickets. Recruit those not interested in playing to cheerlead. Whether your Turkey Bowl will be a quiet flag football affair or an all out battle, Fun Productions can help fill the concession stand and inflate the giant Three Point Kick or Armchair QB. We have your back this holiday and all the rest.
Above all, have fun celebrating the fall!