Our Team

Dawn Abbott, CSEP

I grew up all over Colorado but can claim to be a native since I moved here…

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Josh Abbott

Born and raised in Colorado, I?m a rare native! I grew up mostly in Aurora and went…

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Roger Miller

Born a hillbilly in upstate NY, traveled around the entire country 7/8 times until finally settling in…

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Tara Morley

My childhood was spent in Utah, but I consider the small mountain town of Paonia CO home…

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Hogan Abbott

I was born and raised Colorado where I find immense joy in my beautiful fianc?, Julia, and…

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Emily Ettinger

I grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio near Cleveland with my parents, younger brother and sister, and…

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Stephanie Eccles

I was born in CA but moved to Evergreen, CO when I was still very young. I…

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Joseph Thompson

Grew up in North Carolina. Worked as a valet at a cancer center for 6 years. Moved…

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Aaron Slaughter

Football in high school. Degree in Psychology & human performance & coaching from MSU. At MSU was…

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Jonathan Kimsey

I was born in FL but moved to Georgia when I was 2 and grew up in…

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Neal Sanders

I grew up in Denver and went to DSA.

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Jacob Still

I grew up in Kansas but moved to Indiana in the 6th grade and moved back to…

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Core Values

Our team is built around fun and play.
Every member of our team embodies these values:

  • Be Empathetic - Walk in the shoes of others to attempt to understand & relate.
  • Think Can Do - Be helpful; Think about team success over personal success. Always have a win/win attitude and use creative problem solving to make it happen.
  • Live Gratefully - Choosing to see what you would miss if you didn't have it versus looking at what you don't have or what is annoying you.
  • Lead With Confidence & Humility - be sincere and real with yourself, your coworkers, and everyone you meet. Take responsibility and ownership for your choices with confidence. Do not be pretentious. Treat others respectfully regardless of their title.
  • Stay Hungry - Have some passion for the events industry, the company, your job, the team & culture, or at least the tasks you do. You gotta have some passion.
We're here to make you look SO. GOOD.