We're here to make you look SO. GOOD.

A History of Fun

Fun Productions was founded in 1991 by Tim & Dawn Abbott who were passionate about working hard & playing hard. Tim loved everything about games, competition and playing games any chance he could get; he was a big kid so what a dream to get to bring that love to work.Dawn is passionate about connecting with people and helping people understand who they are so that they can live exceptionally bold in alignment with who they are.? They both had a passion for team and collaboration.

Together they intentionally created a place where people could be in alignment with their values, have a bunch of fun playing, and surround themselves with an amazing group of people who want to kick-butt making WOW event experiences!

The business is currently in the second generation being led by Josh Abbott; Tim & Dawn?s son who was also created in 1991 and was ?formed? by living in those passions and values.

Today we lead the event industry by giving people permission to play and build community where individuals matter through fun, memorable event experiences.

What Makes Us Unique Our Core Values

Think "Can Do"

Be helpful; ?Always have a win/win attitude and use creative problem solving to make it happen.

Be Empathetic

Walk in the shoes of others to attempt to understand & relate.

Live Gratefully

Choose to see what you would miss if it were gone. Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

Lead with Confident Humility

Be sincere and real with yourself, your coworkers, and everyone you meet. Take responsibility and ownership for your choices with confidence. Do not be pretentious. Treat others respectfully regardless of their title.

Stay Hungry

Have some passion for the events industry, the company, our clients, your job, the team & culture, or at very least the tasks you do.

Why We Do What We Do

To spend more time on the lighter side of life and make people smile.? This may sound so simple but when we kept asking ?why? is that what we want to do? It became clear; this world needs more FUN.Life is hard, work is hard, school and growing up are hard; especially when we are not taking enough time to relax, play and connect with others.? It has become our mission to help companies get to know their stakeholders, stop checking the ?To Do? boxes for just a little while, and become community through celebration, bonding and smiling together.

We want young people to see how great life can be when school is a place where they can connect with each other, celebrate, and have some fun together.? We cherish the honor of being a part of the special moments and occasions in people?s live that are the times that will be remembered much longer than the job they had or the things that they bought.

We take having FUN seriously, because when we have fun, we connect and when we connect we build community and it is through community we become heart-centered humans!