2013 Event Planning Trends

Denver Colorado’s Fun Productions Inc Event Designer suggests crowdsourcing as a way to stay current with your practices.

One of my favorite event planning trends in 2013 is crowdsourcing for your speakers and special guests. Many companies have been choosing some of their speakers this way without even realizing it! If you’re looking for ways to stay current with your practices, this is the year to properly utilize Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites to engage your audiences by voting or weighing in for speakers they want to see. Essentially, getting your attendees to stay involved gets them excited and should increase overall attendance. I would suggest taking it a step further than just a poll and having your guests add their comments too. Most of us have attended an event with the intention of listening to a speaker and thought, “This is dragging on a little longer than I would prefer”, but when was the last time your participation as an audience member allowed you to suggest how long the speech is? I have seen surveys used post-event via email to capture the experience, but not a whole lot of crowdsourcing to get my votes. Have you noticed this technique used in a pre or post-event setting in Denver, yet? If so, let me know I would love to learn about the details.